pisco sour

How to Make the Perfect Pisco Sour

1 oz egg white
.75 oz lime juice
2 oz of your favorite pisco
1 oz simple syrup

Combine ingredients into a shaker tin. Shake vigorously without ice for a few seconds.
Open the shaker tin, add ice and shake again for about 10-20 seconds.
When finished, double strain the liquid into a chilled coup glass.
Simple, no? Then what makes the pisco sour at Ocopa so special?

The biggest things are the quality of the pisco and quality of the lime juice. If you use bottom shelf pisco, your cocktail will taste like it. If you use store bought bottled lime juice, you won’t get the fresh lime tang that you would using hand squeezed lime juice. Similarly, forget about using a pisco sour mix.

Also, the simple syrup can be perfected in many ways. We use a herbal infusion for our simple syrup that helps balance the pisco sour into the perfect cocktail.

We recomend Pisco Porton for your Pisco cocktails. It’s our top shelf pisco, and boy does it make a difference when we use it over our cheaper options.